Message your booking team - Trial Feature

About “Message your booking team”

“Message your booking team” is a trial feature we are testing to learn if it’s a good way for you and your booking team to communicate. If the booking team need to get in touch with you about your appointment, they will now be able to send you a message on the patient portal, and you will be able to reply directly to the them.

This feature will also be trialed by a small sample of clinical teams.

Waiting for a response

Please remember, this service is new for the team. They may be slow to reply whilst they find their feet but will try their best to get back to you as quickly as possible. For urgent matters please contact your team directly.

Can't contact your team

Currently, only the hospital staff will be able to initiate a conversation. If you need to contact the hospital via the number provided to you.

When is the trial running?

The trial we be running for 2 weeks between Monday 13th of May to Friday 24th of May.

What will happen after the trial?

If you need to talk to your team once the trial is complete, please contact them through the other channels provided by your hospital. Once the trial is over you will be able to view your message history for another month.


For any further questions about the trial please contact your team.


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