Receiving part of your care online

Your hospital may be using Online Care to enable you to inform your clinical team about how you are doing. With Online Care, you can fill out online assessments at set points in time, from the comfort of your home. Your doctor or nurse will review your assessments, which will help them to provide you with better care. 


Receiving a message about your assessment

Your clinician may have asked you to complete a form to assess whether you need a follow-up appointment. This is called a follow-up need assessment. When you completed a form that is part of a follow-up need assessment, your clinician will send you a message about the results. They might tell you your follow-up is no longer needed as your symptoms have improved a lot, or they might request you to come to the hospital for a follow-up appointment because it looks like it is really needed. 

At this time you cannot respond to the message your clinician has sent you. If you have further questions about this service, you can get in touch with your Assessments team via the contact detail at the bottom of the message. 


Finding your assessments

We are in the process of upgrading the Online Care functionality. If you’ve completed an assessment in the past that you can’t find at the moment, this could be due to us upgrading our system. Your clinician has access to your assessment as usual, it has not gone lost. Your previous assessments will appear once the upgrade is completed.


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