Communicating with your hospital

Now there is a new, faster way to arrange your appointments and it puts you in control.

Many hospitals are now using a website and interactive text messaging to book, remind, change and even bring forward appointments so you can be seen sooner.


Receiving Your Referral

Once your referral is received the hospital will add you to the appropriate waiting list.

You will receive a text message explaining that you have been added to the waiting list, and give you an estimate of how long you will have to wait before booking your appointment.


Booking Your Appointment

When it is time to book your first appointment you will receive a message inviting you to book - you can do this online or by replying to the text messages.

You will have the option to choose the site in which you are seen as well as the date and time of your appointment.

Once you have chosen an appointment, this information will be forwarded to the hospital’s booking team and they will confirm the booking to you by text message.


Appointment Reminder

You will receive a message reminding you of each appointment that you have booked. Depending on how far in advanced these are booked, you will receive up to 2 reminders. E.g. one at 14 days prior and one at 3 days prior depending on how the clinic is setup.


Rescheduling Your Appointment

You will have the opportunity to reschedule your appointment. (Exactly when and how often you can change and appointment may be limited by your hospital). You can do this via text message or online.

Once you start the process you will be given the option of available, suitable alternatives.

Once your request has been accepted by the hospital’s booking team, you will receive confirmation via text.


Offering Cancelled Appointments

Would you like to be sooner?

We can offer you appointments that have recently become available. You can choose if you want to switch or you can keep your original appointment. For more info on how this works click here.

All text messages you receive from us are free and any you send back will cost 1 standard network message (normally included in any bundles or usage allowances). The website is completely free to use.

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