Attendance confirmations

If you want to really reduce your DNA rate as far as possible then you will need to go beyond basic reminders.  The Positive Confirmations feature will get your patients to confirm that they have received the reminder and that they can attend the appointment.

Looking at who hasn't replied will give you a list of those most likely to DNA.  By targeting these patients with follow up messages or phone calls you can dramatically reduce your non-attendance.  Independent studies have shown this can reduce DNA rates by 82%.

How do I use it?

Currently, this feature cannot be configured through the management pages.  Please contact DrDoctor directly and we can enable it for the clinics you wish to use it on.

Hints and tips

  • If you want to measure the change in DNA rate to show that resource used for outbound phone calls has a positive ROI then let us know and we can help you run a trial
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