Patient led booking

This feature lets your patients choose the date and time of their new or follow up appointment. To use it, patients must have an active list entry. The process is similar to, and sometimes referred to as, "partial booking" or "waiting list management".


  • Increase patient choice and therefore satisfaction
  • Patients who choose their own time tend to be more engaged with the clinical process
  • Automated booking means significantly less routine clinic administration
  • Fewer phone calls to booking teams and less paper
  • Far fewer clinic cancellations 
  • Improvement in DNA rate of up to 30% - patients who choose their own time are more likely to be able to attend

How do I use it?

  1. First log into the Management Page and select "waiting lists" from the menu.
  2. Select the list you want to change the settings on.

In this screen you can see all of your active list entries. Our example hospital only has one. If none are showing, you might have to ask your DrDoctor contact to enable them.

Patients should be added to these waiting lists in your main  Administration System (PAS or EPR). The data will then appear in DrDoctor automatically.

Here we can see information about each patient on the list. All the information is built from the information within your administration system - if you want to change anything, do it there, and DrDoctor will update automatically.


  • To access the settings, follow the orange "Settings" button at the top right of the page.
  • Here you can:
    • switch the automatic list management features on/off
    • set the name shown to patients when they are invited to book
    • set the phone number shown to patients in case they wish to book by telephone (this can be different to the phone number for individual clinics)
    • the email address/mailbox for escalation
    • the various time periods used by the different booking modes


  • On the clinics tab, type in the box to find clinics you wish patients on this list to book into. Press enter or click an option to select it.

Hints and Tips

  • DrDoctor  will automatically detect when you are running out of clinic capacity, and stop inviting patients to book when this happens. Please ensure you keep your lists up to date and remember to remove patients you have booked manually (otherwise the system may try to do so also).
  • There are three ways in which the system can prioritise patients - read our blog for an explanation of the different ways. The system will always try to use target mode unless a target date is missing, in which case it will use cut-off mode.
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