Handling booking requests

When a patient makes or changes a booking an email may be generated asking you to complete certain actions. This happens in the following scenarios:

  1. Your systems do not support automatic updates
  2. Your systems do support automatic updates but there is an issue which requires you to take action (e.g. if the patient also has a translator booked and this has to be changed manually)
  3. If you have chosen to approve each request manually

All requests follow the same pattern:

  • There is a heading to tell you what kind of request it is (e.g. a reschedule or a new booking)
  • The action that needs to be taken
  • Details about the patient, their appointments and their contact information
  • A link so you can complete the process and confirm the outcome back to the patient

This is an example of what one of these emails looks like

Once you've completed the action (in this case rescheduling the patient's current appointment to a new time) you can click on "Booking outcome >". You should do this even if the change is unsuccessful. This will open a web page like the one below.

From here you will have several options to choose from depending on the outcome. Simply choose the option most relevant to you.


If at any point in the future, you wish to review what happened with a particular patient (or if you just want to check that a particular request has been dealt with), you can click on "Booking outcome >" again from within the email and it will show you the history of what has been selected. (See below).


If you have any ideas for additional options at this stage, please email or add a comment below and we'll be happy to try and incorporate it.

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