I don't know about the appointment, how is that possible?

Sometimes you may get a message about an appointment you don't recognise. This may be because

  • the appointment has been booked recently or on your behalf and the paper letter is still in the post
  • the appointment may have been booked a long time ago and has been forgotten
  • your phone number has been recorded against another person or has been recycled by the mobile network operators

What you can do

  • if the appointment is not imminent, wait for a day or two to see if a letter arrives in the post
  • contact the hospital on the number given. They can check if the appointment is for you, and if not can remove your phone number from their systems and investigate why the phone number was stored 

You can reply STOP to any text messages to stop communication completely, but that would mean you won't receive updates about any of your future appointments. You can also reply HELP which will allow you to only receive messages for appointments that you confirm are yours.

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