You can setup your clinics to allow patients to reschedule their appointments automatically. This gives people the convenience and accessibility of using the web and text messaging to manage their appointment while reducing the number of phone calls to your team.

The system follows various rules that allow you to adapt it to how you work.


How do I use it?


  • You must have an email address setup for the clinic. This is used to notify you about patients who cannot complete the process themselves or who require assistance (rather than leaving them in limbo).
  • We recommend adding a phone number for the clinic if you haven't already.

Turning on/off rescheduling:

  1. Sign in to your account on the management pages and find the clinic you wish to change the settings on.
  2. Within the settings page, toggle "Rescheduling" to On/Off, then click "Save".
  3. If you get a warning at this stage about adding an email address, make sure you add an email address first then repeat steps 1 & 2.

Hints & Tips

  • If you are using our automatic SMS template engine, you do not need to modify any text messages. Instructions for changing an appointment will be added automatically. If you want to write your own custom instructions within your own message, you must explain that the keyword for rescheduling is "CHANGE".
  • Setting a limit: sometimes it may be necessary to limit the number of times someone is allowed to change their appointment. You can set a maximum number of times a patient can reschedule, after which they will be instructed that they must call up if they cannot make it. (please note, some NHS system do not support this - please check your local details to see if this applies to you)
  • Minimum notice periods. There is a built in minimum notice of 1 day to stop changes from taking place on the day of the appointment. If you need to set a different notice period, this can be done by your system administrator.
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