Using the gateway manually

A brief guide to DrDoctor’s non-profit email to SMS gateway

Email to SMS

With the Email to SMS service, an email message can be converted directly into a text message and sent to the chosen mobile number. You can do this without any additional software, using any e-mail program. This has been designed as a direct replacement for the NHS Mail SMS service and behaves in a very similar way.

Setting up

Your system administrator can register your email address in our systems so that you can use the service. You must be registered before you can send messages.

Sending a message

You send an SMS by sending an e-mail to our system.

  • Send your email to: [phonenumber]
  • Replace [phonenumber] with the mobile phone number you wish the SMS to be sent to.
  • e.g.

When our system receives your email, it will send the body of the email as a text message to the phone number you specified.

Hints and tips:

  • Messages can be up to 1377 characters long. If your message is longer than this, it will not send.
  • Remember not to put any spaces in the email address when you send it.

Marking the end of the text message

Often email servers will add a signature or disclaimer to your email which you may not want to appear in the text message. You may not have control over this. If you do not want to send the total content of the email in the text message you can do that by marking the end of the text message content with --end. (If you want to mark the beginning of a message you can also use --begin.)

NB: If you use Outlook, it may autocorrect the double-hyphen to a dash (“--“ becomes “—“). If this happens, the end of your message will not be detected correctly.



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